CISS Academy for Skill Human Development

CISS / CISS Academy for Skill Human Development


Enhance CISS business leadership in the national skilling ecosystem through capacity building by co-creating next practices as a learning delivery partner.


To emerge as a foremost eco-system enabled human resource skilling platform for multidimensional knowledge creation and diffusion, enabling clients access a pool of capable conscientious and ethical workforce.

CISS Skill Academy

Approach to Action Strategy

CISS Academy Trainers Faculty and Mentors catalyse the skill learning of groups through in-house designed interventions yielding value acceleration in strategic imperatives of clients by way of enhanced proficiency & productivity

Closing the gap between Locus of Skill Acquisition & Locus of Skill Transfer by focusing on batch or individual learning as per client needs.

Creating uniquely customised dashboards for clients to measure monitor and manage CISS in-house designed learning interventions based on an inside -out approach.

Holistic transformation through specially designed holistic learning programmes

CISS Value Acceleration Programmes

‘As-is To-be’ Approach to skill development : Employs measuring tools to evaluate existing ‘as-is apriori skill state’ of trainees and deploys outcome oriented training programmes to reach ‘to be skill state’.

CI & PI outcome oriented phased training programmes. Enables clients to close skill gaps and achieve better job fits by measuring, monitoring and managing extent of learning happening at individual and batch levels.

SEA Programme. Skilling Education and Anchoring the skill learning back to work is achieved through a blended and action learning approach. Unique value accelerators are deployed in post programme stage.

Holistic Transformation Programme designed on an outside-in approach to transform individuals to build a competent, conscientious and ethical workforce. Embedded in the programme is an built impact assessment and learning delivery report for each participant.

CISS Academy Resources

First Generation entrepreneurs

Doctorates in Labour Law & Security

Certified Master Trainers in Security

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professionals

Certified Lead Auditor Environ Health & Occupational Safety

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