Established in 1985, CISS is a unique pan India Integrated Comprehensive Cost Effective Security Solution providing Company, having presence across the complete service value chain.

We are Electronic Security Systems equipment installers, integrators and end to end solution providers.


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For me personally, it has been 35 years of a long and happy journey with not only an outstanding leader but with a fantastic human being, our most venerable Chairman, Mr RN Pimple.
Ever since my academic days at school and college, it has been my good fortune to be with him. He is the most dynamic, patient and humane person one can be associated with; so difficult to find in today’s generation. CISS has grown and achieved glory, under his able leadership. It is his exemplary mentorship that makes the contribution of the entire CISS team reckonable.
CISS achieved such heights with collective efforts of the senior middle and the last man on the line the CISS Security guard. It is also the time to acknowledge the faith and support our valued customers placed on us.Together, we shall continue to grow to new and greater heights, while maintaining our business ethics and values, that we have nurtured all these 35 years.

KN Pimple Director, CISSL

CISS has been serving clients across all sectors at all times since last 35 years delivering holistic total security solutions.CISS caters to clients’ needs and stands upright discharging its duties with utmost sincerity at a time when the whole world is held hostage at the hands of Covid 19 pandemic.
We renew our pledge to delight ‘You’ ‘Our valued Customer’‘ with excellence in service at each touch point of your journey with CISS Ltd. In these trying times, let us ensure that we protect the interests of the CISS security guard who protects your premises from all risks at the cost of risking his own life.
Take care - Take protection - This too shall pass …..

Mr Santosh Kushwah Executive Vice President, CISS Ltd

On raising day of CISS I convey my heartiest best wishes & wish CISS to maintain its quality, standard beside welfare of the employees as in past. It has grown gradually keeping the customers & employees smiling. “CISS Brand is formed primarily, not by what company says about itself, but what the company does”.
“I am happy to announce that today CISS stands with 100% certified security personnel, which is a unique distinction; and may be CISS is the first security company to achieve this milestone”.

Dr RK Tyagi Senior Vice President, CISS Ltd

CISS is entering the 36th year as the most preferred company in service sector. Our journey through the years had been highly challenging but we received support, motivation and goodwill from all our clients and society at large. CISS’s highly professional staff does its duty diligently and with utmost dignity.
CISS ensures all statutory compliances and thus ‘hassle free’ is the CISS way. CISS provides total security solutions seamlessly resulting in happy customers. We have grown steadily since the well being of our frontline staff is always uppermost on our minds.
We maintain positivity Corona or no Corona !!! We deliver taking full protection and deep faith in our hearts !!! Lets us all emerge stronger !!!

Veteran Capt DS Dabas Regional Head (North), CISS Ltd

Being in CISS Limited feels like being at home with your family and friends, living and working in full comfort with all guidance and support to make ones existence worthwhile and fulfilling. The generous patronage and mentoring always bolsters one towards achieving the compelling vision, mission and commitment to excel in profession and contribute significantly to our esteemed institution.
On this momentous occasion of glorious 35 years of CISS, we rededicate ourselves to the Olympian credo of stronger, higher and faster success for all of us.

Veteran Cdr Roy Regional Head ( East), CISS Ltd

CISS can be really proud for having completed 35 years since its inception. With utmost dedication it has evolved in serving clients across all sectors & delivering Total holistic security solutions. CISS has been a frontrunner in taking care of its clients & employees even during catastrophic disasters such as the bubonic plague engulfing no of states in 1984.
Our brave hearts are now providing security cover to establishments without any fear; though, some of them are totally locked down. Our security guards are the real heroes who are discharging their duties with zeal & enthusiasm. We salute such heroes & are proud to be with them .JAI. CISS. JAI HIND.

Veteran Col R Dixit Regional Head (Central region), CISS Ltd

CISS  has been serving clients since 1985 with  Reliability and Trust. During these 35 years the company has grown many folds by  providing total security solutionsRetaining clients for long period proves  maintaining of our excellent relationship with them.
Tough goals have also been achieved easily because of whole - hearted efforts put in and foresight used by each and every member of CISS   family and CISS management. CISS is the most preferred Security Provider in India.
Selection of CISS by the Govt of India for imparting  training to unskilled Guards and conducting ‘RPL’for them itself speaks not only of the  trust we generate as also our  capabilities.
Wishing the CISS family all the very best in years to come.

Veteran Cdr Ashok Kumar Bakshi Regional Head (Pune & Goa)

CISS’s 35 years epic journey to being the most preferred Company is replete with tales of courage, sacrifice, dedication and devotion. CISS is where the ordinary achieve the extraordinary and the heady visions translate to results.
Today, we once again see the guiding light and the invisible hand of our founders that bless us. Today we once again hear the gentle humane voice that whispers to every CISS employee. “We trust you” “Go spread trust” ; “ Be humble - Stoop to conquer”; “ Deliver excellence take CISS to greater heights” Wishing CISS many more such milestones.

Rakesh Sharma GM Operation (West), CISSL

Happy birth day & congratulations to CISS on being 35 years young and rejuvenating. CISS is the dream child of our chairman Sir R. N. Pimple. He nurtured this child with lot of love and affection. Today , it is the result of his hard work and devotion that CISS has become a synonymous with total security systems in the security world.
CISS has made systematic progress under the able and dynamic leadership of our chairman Sir R N Pimple. He is also a philanthropist, CISS today is a brand name well recognised in the security industry. WE THE WORK FORCE OF THE SOUTHERN REGION SALUTE YOU.JAI HIND

Col KB Jayal (War veteran) Regional Head (South), CISS Ltd

Though we have completed 35 years of existence , for us, it is not a matter to celebrate, but of deep concern, as to how effectively will we serve our valued customers?
We are also deeply concerned, as to how we will take care of our employees during today’s testing times, created by the outburst of corona virus. COVID-19 has posed a huge challenge to the entire world community.
We had served our customers with full dedication, during a similar situation in 1994, when bubonic plague broke out in many states of India.
Today, we would like to salute Indian medical community, which is fighting COVID-19, heroically.
Today, we also salute our private security personnel, who are fighting it by providing security cover without any fear or anguish.
We salute all CISS security personnel on this occasion.
You are real FIGHTERS !!! True Heroes !!!
Stay fit – Stay protected - Remain courageous.
CISS stands solidly behind you.

RN Pimple Chairman Managing Director CISS Ltd.

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