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“It requires collective will to socially distance and isolate when required” CISS Mgt

Mar 2020 and CISS management has again risen to the occasion, this time of beating Covid -19 ; as it has repeatedly done during the past 35 years. This time  the young turks join the veterans to the clarion call of CISS “Lets beat Corona”  “Let us keep everyone and everything safe & secure – the threat this time is internal”

CISS enables  the ordinary achieve the extraordinary.

Here is a short commentary  of what CISS  as a Private Security Agency did across the country;  as India and Indian Industry and our valuable Clients battle Covid -19.

The Western Warriors : Under the able leadership of the Air Force veterans it  became the first responders    ‘East or west we wash our hands the best” was the call of the hour. The region head positioned sanitisers well before they went off the shelves. The liftmen were given masks and gloves and a bottle of sanitiser as part of our corporate responsibility to the workplace that we share. CISS  pasted Covid combatting messages on the lifts; after all a lot of their  building houses BPOs. The area and field officers are continuously updating the control cell. Computers have been moved to enable financial transactions ensuring  no break-down   of services . The veraval office has 100s of unsung heroes who are diligently doing their best. CISS acknowledges and lauds their efforts.

The Baroda & Bharuch bouncers protect the nations scarce energy resources. They  did some meticulous planning and fully secured what our the nation values most ‘Energy’ . Quick Response teams were quickly mounted after all our industrial hub needs to be protected. 

The Jodhpur Jodhas rose to the occasion and were the first to deploy  CISS fire crew on  client fire tenders to spray germicidal chemicals and  disinfectants to  sanitise the premises entrusted to us. Innovativeness knows no boundaries and sincerity of purpose drives this office. They are protecting India’s vital rail assets. The rich heritage of Rajasthan is playing out here again in 2020.

The Western Warriors  believe that ‘An attitude of tyag’  will see us through this huge health crisis which may result in an economic crisis.

The Kolkata Champions has an  Indian Navy veteran showing the way. Make shift accommodation has been created, by hiring flats to ensure that guards have a place to stay close to their place of work.  Sensitivity to the most marginalised sections saw them extending advance of pay to buy rations before the east went into a lock down. ‘Hum honge kamayab’ attitude will see  them through this crisis.

Bhubaneshwar brothers in the land of lord Jaggannath have positioned adequate rations at the barracks and the CISS  work force is happy to give their best. What good is a private  security force without at least some  food in the bellies.  Thoda kam khao lekein kayam alert rahon is their new attitude. They are approaching their clients and assuring them of best services during these trying times.

Never say die is the maxim of CISS Delhi office which handles the complete northern region including Haryana.  An Army veteran acted with foresight and equipped his area officers with lap tops. The field officers were galvanised and motivated all the supervisors, who are reporting round the clock and wherever required cheering up the guards. “High morale is the only thing which will  ensure victory. We are prepared for the worst” is their take.

The Uttarakandis are geared up and revving to go. Despite their geographic discontinuity they are alert . Clients have offered their premises to ensure seamless delivery . No geographic limitation deters them.  CISS deep reach at Himachal protects the best brains of our  country.  ‘We shall overcome’ is  the attitude of this Air Veteran led branch.

CISS  Southern  Stars protect India’s IT and industrials hubs of Bengaluru, Hosur, Chennai and parts of Kerala. The Army veterans here  are a formidable lot and Corona dare not come here. With their penchant for discipline and grit they have shown that the manufacturing may take a hit but not the CISS security force. They have deployed with renewed vigour and well versed with the ‘Art of War’ have intensified their dawn to dusk vigil. We know we can count on CISS  support says SBI and clients like OMP( ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Ltd) and Exide.

The CISS Taskforce of Mumbai, Vidharba, Deccan & Malwa plateaus : This taskforce is led by Indian Army and Indian Navy veterans. They have ensured a smooth transition for the support staff to work  from home. They keep the morale of the frontline security workers high. The logistics hub of India finds protection in CISS services and fully convinced that CISS will deliver best services come corona or extreme  heat or  rain.  Daily feed back from each post is shared with the Clients who have every reason to be feel safe  and absolutely  assured. “ Positivity, Perseverance, Patience & Prayer are required during these trying times & No entry Corona ” is the message that CISS Mumbai  Nagpur, Pune, Kota,  Jaipur, Indore, Andhra & Telangana branches are spreading. With such positivity CISS will surely ride this storm and emerge stronger and more resilient.

CISS management certainly believes in customer centricity but places equal importance on Nation building and the role that we play during such National crisis is of paramount importance to us all.

CISS  advises all its employees do 5 things 1st : Spread positivity 2nd Do not believe in rumours 3rd Take precautions and do your duty 4th Assure the families that we need to be strong and 5th Social media in limited dose but only  trust the government notifications.

Finally CISS urges all its employees to help -after all there is a limit (a) What the Governments can do (b) Wwhat the Health department can do (c ) What the Police can do.  CISS has always stepped forward and supported   their efforts; this time too CISS has offered its wholehearted assistance . 

It is time for the ordinary do the  extraordinary & CISS enables all its employees to achieve the extraordinary.

Authors Note : We have liberally used metaphors which describe the fantastic contribution of our Branches and Regions Pan India.

Expanding services in Southern India region.   |   CISS Ltd opens an all new branch at Sriperumbudur Tamil Nadu on 15 Dec 2021   |   Recently CISS Ahmedabad deployed 5 Security Guards and two supervisors at Blue Star & Hosur Branch deployed 20+10 (30) Security Guards at two new Locations. Hosur Branch has also deployed three ASOs at the auto major Ashok Leyland foundry.   |   Recently CISS Pune deployed Security Guards and Firemen at an extremely challenging remote location   |   Service delivery at this private port involves multimodal logistics and exposure to the elements   |   Pune Branch has moved the operational excellence bar have many notches higher   |   Contrary to all expectations the second pandemic wave gripped India   |   CISS however had already braced up   |   From January 2021 onwards our management intensified training – reskilling for all staff   |   The three shields of Masking – Social Distancing – Washing hands are now a way of life for the CISS Family   |   We are constantly re-training our guards to be sensitive but firm, soft but to have zero tolerance to people not wearing masks – Those not following Social Distancing and Those not cleansing their hands at each access point.   |   CISS Mgt reassured all its people most importantly our security guards that CISS stood solidly behind each employee direct or indirect   |   All direct employees have been covered under a new Medicare insurance cover   |   We have got all our security guards deployed at a major Hospital vaccinated   |   We are proactively taking an initiative to allow priority vaccination to all private security guards   |   CISS management has ensured that Not a single person has been laid off – All Salaries are paid well in time – All Bonuses were distributed during festivals   |   CISS management was at work 365 days   |   During the recent Tauktae cyclone – dry rations & potable drinking water was distributed at all posts – they were manned and monitored – continuously   |   We are aware that our Clients Business Continuity Plans are bound to be tested We are preparing and practicing for our renewed roles.    |     Our guards and operational teams will continue to take full precautions and practice emergency protocols.    |     We are ensuing strictest access control and protocols, as set by our clients.     |     To this end, we can deploy COVID-19 Marshal Services; to enforce your new safety enhancing protocols with rigour, thus ensuring 100% compliance with zero tolerance towards violators   |    CISS - Where the ordinary achieve the extraordinary.   |     Nuggets on our Site : Press button CISS Profile Animation on home page.    |    Can you imagine what will happen if even one person tests positive at your plant ?     |     Do you believe that your present arrangements are adequate ?    |     How will you prevent it ?     |     Want to learn what new protocols should be followed ? Press Button : CISS Manual for Revised Enhanced Security Protocols due Covid-19 on home page.     |     To read more go to page 11 of CISS Manual Of Revised Security Protocols Due Covid-19 on home page.    |     Are you aware that a temperature over 100.4°F (38°C) is most often presumed to be fever caused by an Infection or illness ??     |    Also the human body temperature normally changes throughout the day.     |     Did you know the recommended way of using Human Body Temperature Scanner ??    |     The correct way to use these thermal scanners is to place the individual at a distance of 1-3 cm from the scanning device.    |    If the person being scanned is beyond this distance, the air temperature is also factored in by the device in its reading.    |     This gives a false sense of comfort to the assessors and the people being scanned.    |    Did you know that a Pandemic means that a disease has spread in a large global area.    |     Pandemic is defined as the worldwide spread of any disease for which people do not have immunity.     |     Hence both Government and each one of us have to take extra precaution to prevent the infection.     |     Therefore gradually businesses and work will return to a new normal wherein we all will have take precautions against the infection - continue to work and undertake all other routine activities.   |   Are you sure you know the difference between Quarantine & Isolation ?     |     Quarantine is for people who were exposed to risk of Corona virus but are not sick.     |    Isolation is for only people who are sick and they require proper infection control and sterilization measures.     |     Quarantine requires people to remain at their homes or at a designated place for 14 Days.     |    Isolation separates people who are sick from those who are not sick and allows appropriate treatment in a hospital setting.     |     Just because one has been quarantined does not mean the person is sick.    |    Contact CISS India today for Security Consulting and Security Services in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Indore, Roorkee, Nagpur etc..    |     1) Wear a fabric mask over the surgical mask if you are around people affected with covid-19.   2) A fabric mask is ideally made out of 3 layers of fabric.   3) Make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.   4) Do not share your mask with anybody else.   5) Maintain at least 1- 2 metre distance and wash your hands frequently.   6) Spraying and introducing bleach or another disinfectant into your body WILL NOT protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous.   7) The COVID-19 virus can spread in hot and humid & cold climates.   8) Cold weather and snow CANNOT kill the COVID-19 virus.   9) SMS - As you step out please pay attention to SMS - Sanitizer, Mask & Social Distancing.   10) Lockdown or no lockdown – Curfew or no Curfew SOCIAL DISTANCING IS A MUST.   11) Saaf haath hai surakshith haath.   12) CISS salutes the courage and energy of all the corona warriors.   13) Ensure proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of the frequently touched surfaces.   14) Don't participate in large gatherings, including sitting in groups at canteens.  (Mostly the information is from the WHO website).