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The easily recognisable Audax Chest Camera is currently our GLOBAL bestselling product. It easily out performs other products in its class due to its simplicity and value.

The camera is designed to be used by customers wanting an inexpensive local recording, highly secure evidence gathering tool without becoming over complicated.

Small, robust and manufactured to be used in all weathers, it has built in IR for full night-time recording and tactile user friendly buttons for operators when wearing gloves. With the additional built in GPS giving the exact location of where any evidence was gathered, it easily out performs other products in its class.

It combines incredible high quality HD video and audio with a record time of 8 hours, providing secure evidence gathering capability with AES 256 encryption and user password controls in an auditable and approved manner.

The Audax chest camera is designed to be user friendly and highly visible ensuring the camera has a deterrent effect, but also having the benefit of both pre and post event recording ensures all evidence is gathered in a fully compliant manner.

A formidable “no fuss” solution for use in all weathers and for data download at shift end.

Source: https://audaxsecurity.co.uk/19-1-chest-camera/

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