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Lupin Ltd, Ankleshwar, Gujarat – Citation & Awards for CISS Ltd Security Personnel on 26 Jan 2021 (72nd Republic Day (India)

Sr.Event – CitationRankName of CISS Secuirty Personnel
1Mr. Vigilant
(Guard) Daily Gate duties- Frisking, Catching Tobacco/Gutkha cases – PP area duties – Watch Tower Duties – Escort Duties – Remained attentive and responsive during duty operations.
03rdMr. H.C. Trewedi
202ndMr. PappuDevri
301stMr. Anuj Shukla
4Mr Vigilant
(Supervisor) Plant’s Surprise Round -Reporting Abnormalities related to Vehicular Inspection – Material Entries – Leakage/ Spillage –         Sleeping & Scuffle Cases – Visitor’s Handling
03rdMr. Sanjay Singh
502ndMr. ShivdayalChoudhary
601stMr. Ujjawal Singh
7Mr. Attendance
(Guard)Attending   duties on time – Handing Over & Taking Over properly.
03rdMr. H. C. Dewedi
802ndMr. Mantoo Kumar
901stMr. Brajendra Pal
10Mr. Attendance
(Supervisor) duties on time -Handing Over & Taking Over properly.
03rdMr. Hira Singh
1102ndMr. Ujjawal Singh
1201stMs. C.V. Thresiamma
13Mr. Obedient
One who performed assigned task timely and correctly- Follows the ‘Ten Commandments of Security’.
03rdMr. PuneetRawal
1402ndMr. Vishal Kumawat
1501stMr. PadamThapa
16All Rounder
Performed duties in extraordinary way Following SOP practices – supervising gates operations– Material handling – Surveillance – Auditors/ Visitor’s appreciation – after security equipment and gate upkeep.
01stMs. C.V. Thresiamma
17Mr. Intelligent
(Guard) Online Examination Score on Security Operations & Duties
03rdMr. H. C. Dewedi
1802ndMr. Farid Sheikh
1901stMr. Balram Sharma
20Mr. Intelligent
(Supervisor) Online Examination score on Security Operations & Duties
03rdMr. Tarun Sharma
2102ndMr. PadamThapa
2201stMr. Ujjawal Singh
23Mr. Bravest 01stMr. Vikas Tiwari
24Appreciation Letter01stMr. Anil Gond
CISS declared as the Best Security Company for FY 21-22 in the manned guarding category by CAPSI   |   CISS Ltd initiates digital transformation (DT) as it crosses the 37 th year milestone   |   DT is a must and CISS wishes to promote Total Security Solutions   |   Manned Guarding now being taken to a whole level – by KPI based Patrols and electronic attendance Systems   |   June 2022 | CISS Expands Its Footprints into NER – Guwahati – Sikkim - Himachal Pradesh - Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Jammu and Kashmir   |   CISS holds PSARA Licenses for 29 Indian States   |   Delivers Reliable Services through network of 53 Offices   |   Over these 37 Years CISS has emerged as India’s one of the most Reliable – Dependable – Expert Private Security Service Provider   |   CISS Ltd where the ordinary achieve the extraordinary   |   Challenging work sites where CISS has recently deployed   |   Jaigarh Port - A remote work site built to international standards at Ratnagiri - L & T Shipyard Builders - Chennai - KEC Int’l Rail Electrification Projects in Rajasthan   |   Other important Pan India Deployments undertaken d - MSP Power & Steels Ltd, Odisha   |   Ashok Leyland EV Plant (Ennore Tamil Nadu) - Transrail Lighting Projects - Reliant Drilling Pvt Ltd Dariba (Rajasthan)   |   CISS has been the preferred service provider at Hospitals – UN Mehta Hospital (Ahmedabad) (300 Security Personnel) – Shalby Hospital - Jabalpur (MP) – Kokila Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute (Mumbai)   |   Renewable Energy Projects with Avaada, Sites in North India - TATA Solar Power Ltd, sites in Maharashtra   |