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Lupin Ltd, Ankleshwar, Gujarat – Citation & Awards for CISS Ltd Security Personnel on 26 Jan 2021 (72nd Republic Day (India)

Sr. Event – Citation Rank Name of CISS Secuirty Personnel
1 Mr. Vigilant
(Guard) Daily Gate duties- Frisking, Catching Tobacco/Gutkha cases – PP area duties – Watch Tower Duties – Escort Duties – Remained attentive and responsive during duty operations.
03rd Mr. H.C. Trewedi
2 02nd Mr. PappuDevri
3 01st Mr. Anuj Shukla
4 Mr Vigilant
(Supervisor) Plant’s Surprise Round -Reporting Abnormalities related to Vehicular Inspection – Material Entries – Leakage/ Spillage –         Sleeping & Scuffle Cases – Visitor’s Handling
03rd Mr. Sanjay Singh
5 02nd Mr. ShivdayalChoudhary
6 01st Mr. Ujjawal Singh
7 Mr. Attendance
(Guard)Attending   duties on time – Handing Over & Taking Over properly.
03rd Mr. H. C. Dewedi
8 02nd Mr. Mantoo Kumar
9 01st Mr. Brajendra Pal
10 Mr. Attendance
(Supervisor) duties on time -Handing Over & Taking Over properly.
03rd Mr. Hira Singh
11 02nd Mr. Ujjawal Singh
12 01st Ms. C.V. Thresiamma
13 Mr. Obedient
One who performed assigned task timely and correctly- Follows the ‘Ten Commandments of Security’.
03rd Mr. PuneetRawal
14 02nd Mr. Vishal Kumawat
15 01st Mr. PadamThapa
16 All Rounder
Performed duties in extraordinary way Following SOP practices – supervising gates operations– Material handling – Surveillance – Auditors/ Visitor’s appreciation – after security equipment and gate upkeep.
01st Ms. C.V. Thresiamma
17 Mr. Intelligent
(Guard) Online Examination Score on Security Operations & Duties
03rd Mr. H. C. Dewedi
18 02nd Mr. Farid Sheikh
19 01st Mr. Balram Sharma
20 Mr. Intelligent
(Supervisor) Online Examination score on Security Operations & Duties
03rd Mr. Tarun Sharma
21 02nd Mr. PadamThapa
22 01st Mr. Ujjawal Singh
23 Mr. Bravest 01st Mr. Vikas Tiwari
24 Appreciation Letter 01st Mr. Anil Gond
Looking forward to starting afresh in 2021 !!! As India Unlock-6 gets implemented most industries will be able to ramp up operations.   |   We are aware that as further Unlocks are announced we have to solidly remain committed to our esteemed clients’ new unforeseeable concerns that will arise.   |  We are aware that our Clients Business Continuity Plans are bound to be tested We are preparing and practicing for our renewed roles.   |   Our guards and operational teams will continue to take full precautions and practice emergency protocols.   |   We are ensuing strictest access control and protocols, as set by our clients.   |   To this end, we can deploy COVID-19 Marshal Services; to enforce your new safety enhancing protocols with rigour, thus ensuring 100% compliance with zero tolerance towards violators.   |   We are re-training our guards to be sensitive but firm, soft but have zero tolerance to Not Wearing Masks – Those not following Social Distancing and Those not cleansing their hands at each access point.   |   Extraordinary situations warrant extraordinary responses CISS works from home.   |   We make clients’ premises our new home  |   Oh Corona tum CISS ko to mat darana because  |   East or West we wash our hands the best  |   North or South we always cover our mouths.  |   CISS - Where the ordinary achieve the extraordinary.  |   Nuggets on our Site : Press button CISS Profile Animation on home page.  |  Can you imagine what will happen if even one person tests positive at your plant ?   |   Do you believe that your present arrangements are adequate ?   |   How will you prevent it ?   |   Want to learn what new protocols should be followed ? Press Button : CISS Manual for Revised Enhanced Security Protocols due Covid-19 on home page.   |   Did you know that Hydroxycloroquine (HCQ) is a prescription medicine and sale is totally prohibited without valid prescription ???   |   To read more go to page 11 of CISS Manual Of Revised Security Protocols Due Covid-19 on home page.   |   Are you aware that a temperature over 100.4°F (38°C) is most often presumed to be fever caused by an Infection or illness ??   |   Also the human body temperature normally changes throughout the day.   |   Did you know the recommended way of using Human Body Temperature Scanner ??   |   The correct way to use these thermal scanners is to place the individual at a distance of 1-3 cm from the scanning device.   |   If the person being scanned is beyond this distance, the air temperature is also factored in by the device in its reading.   |   This gives a false sense of comfort to the assessors and the people being scanned.   |   Did you know that a Pandemic does not mean lots of people will die.   |   It means that a disease has spread in a large global area.   |   Pandemic is defined as the worldwide spread of any disease for which people do not have immunity.   |   Hence both Government and each one of us have to take extra precaution to prevent the infection.   |   Therefore gradually businesses and work will return to a new normal wherein we all will have take precautions against the infection - continue to work and undertake all other routine activities.   |   Are you sure you know the difference between Quarantine & Isolation ?   |   Quarantine is for people who were exposed to risk of Corona virus but are not sick.   |   Isolation is for only people who are sick and they require proper infection control and sterilisation measures.   |   Quarantine requires people to remain at their homes or at a designated place for 14 Days.   |   Isolation separates people who are sick from those who are not sick and allows appropriate treatment in a hospital setting.   |   Just because one has been quarantined does not mean the person is sick.   |   |   Contact CISS India today for Security Consulting and Security Services in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Indore, Roorkee, Nagpur etc..   |   1) Wear a fabric mask if you are around people affected with covid-19.  2) A fabric mask is ideally made out of 3 layers of fabric.  3) Make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.  4) Do not share your mask with anybody else.  5) Maintain at least 1-metre distance and wash your hands frequently.  6) Spraying and introducing bleach or another disinfectant into your body WILL NOT protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous.  7) The COVID-19 virus can spread in hot and humid climates.  8) Cold weather and snow CANNOT kill the COVID-19 virus.  9) SMS - As you step out please pay attention to SMS - Sanitizer, Mask & Social Distancing.  10) Lockdown or no lockdown, SOCIAL DISTANCING IS A MUST.  11) Saaf haath hai surakshith haath.  12) CISS salutes the courage and energy of all the corona warriors.  13) Ensure proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of the frequently touched surfaces.  14) Don't participate in large gatherings, including sitting in groups at canteens.  (Mostly the information is from the WHO website).